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The beautiful Kelli can't wait for the blind date her friends have set her up on.  Until it turns out to be one very disappointed lesbian named Arlin. Mutually appalled yet appallingly intrigued, Kelli & Arlin proceed to pull the screws loose on both straight and gay women's culture  the find the common ground beneath in the search for love & self.  (50 minutes.)



A theatrical, funny and touching dramedy.  It's another long night forJamie with an obnoxious sister and a trio of sardonic puppets to keep her awake. Tinged with fun & sisterly nostalgia, the merriment comes inexorably  to focus on the cause of Jamie's sleepless night, and the loss that has brought her to the edge.  (45 minutes.)



An embittered widow lies in wait at her husband's graveside for the appearance of his mistress, and encounters an irreverent teen .  Unable to extract a confession from the girl, the widow offers to buy one, and finds that she has purchased a deeper truth.  (20 minutes.)

Donna Jean Fogel & Kit Flanagan

in the Circle Rep Lab production.

George Sheffey & Jack Nagle on puppets, with Jane Shepard & Kate Bennis appearing at One Dream Theater, NY


Pictured: Kate Bennis & Colleen Davenport.

Vanessa Shealy & Pamela Dunlap at Vital Theater, NY.

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