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HORSE FILMS is the production company founded by Jane Shepard to support her independent film work.  She is currently writing a new screenplay which will be Horse Films' first feature-length project, to be produced and shot in Colorado.

Shepard has worked in Hollywood as well as Independent cinema. Her screenplay FREAK CITY was produced as a Showtime Original Movie, and she has optioned and developed work with such studios as Touchstone, Showtime and Disney, as well as talented individuals like producer Sandy Stern and actress Daryl Hannah. 

She has written, directed and produced five short films, among them the award-winning featurette NINE, and EARNING THE DAY, a meaninginful comedy now travelling the festival circuit.  She is currently completing new full-length screen-plays, and developing feature production in Boulder, Colorado. 

Scenes from the film life...

"Film is a beautiful collaborative dance toward a single vision,

which we think is the film, but is really,just as much, us."

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