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Jane Shepard is a theater and film professional.  She has received numerous accolades for her playwriting, and is award-winning screenwriter, actor and filmmaker.  She coaches screenwriting for the Independent Film School online.

Here is the place to find out more about her work.   Click on...



Beginning June 19th Shepard will be directing a new short film.  Working with co-producers Elaine Niesen and Jessie Depasquale, Kickass Jumpdown Productions will shoot FRIENDS OF THE DECEASED over 4 days in Columbia Cemetery in Boulder CO.  It will feature Stephany Roscoe & Kat Houston.

Throw in For Friends!

The production is still welcoming contributions.  We'd love to have your help!
Below see a short about the project, or go right to the donation site.
Thank you so much!

Short video about the film...

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