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Jane Shepard is an award winning theater and film professional.  She has received numerous accolades for her plays, screenplays and films. She is also a professional actor and musician.  Shepard coaches screenwriting for the Independent Film School online.

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On Stage

Jane will appear in VIVA Theater's production of the 1980's gem "Talking With..."

Playing from March 22nd - April 7th, this series of women's monologues features a brilliant array of characters, featuring some of Boulder's favorite actresses.
At the Dairy Arts Center in Boulder

Talking With flyer detailed_edited.jpg


This past summer Jane founded Kickass Jumpdown Productions
and served as writer, director and co-producer of "Friends of the Deceased."  
This 20-minute comedic drama is currently in its editing phase.

Kat Houston and Stephany Roscoe
are featured in "Friends of the Deceased"

Friend's exterior shoot filmed in
90-degree sun and pouring rain.

The three co-producers on the shoot:
Jane Shepard, Elaine Niesen & Jessie DePasquale

Working with Kat Houston was a pleasure.

Sometimes even the director gets to snap the slate.

FRIENDS OF DECEASED Cast & Crew 7_edited

The stupendous cast and crew of "Friends"

Conferring with Director of Photography Satya Peram.

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