Jane Shepard is a theater and film professional.  She has received numerous accolades for her playwriting, and is award-winning screenwriter, actor and filmmaker.
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As the theater world adapted to Covid, many plays went to Zoom recording, creating projects which are a hybrid stage/video production.  Jane had the pleasure of utilizing her editing skills in working director Nanci Van Fleet and fellow actress Rachel Ricca to adapt this beautiful 40-minute drama to the small screen, using all the tools of editing to create as cinematic an experience as possible.


In the fall of 2019,  Shepard wrote and directed a new production of her puckish history of Boulder, which played a sold-out run at the Dairy Arts Center.

Produced by VIVA Theater, DUDE featured 100 years of Boulder's history with a multi-ethnic, inter-generational and multi-lingual cast of 27, playing almost 100 characters.

DUDE PRODUCTION Photos by Elese Moran

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